Grown through Laitex Academy: Toni’s inspiring career path continues

Grown through Laitex Academy: Toni’s inspiring career path continues


Toni’s career at Laitex proves the company’s commitment to nurturing talent through the Laitex Academy, which grows professionals from summer trainees to seasoned experts. His journey began as a summer trainee, where he gained invaluable insight into the company’s production, operations, and culture. This early experience laid the groundwork for his future roles.

From assembly to mechanical design engineer trainee and master’s thesis at Laitex

After completing his summer traineeship, Toni transitioned from an assembly role to a position as a mechanical design engineer trainee. In this role, he concentrated on design and product development, significantly contributing to the advancement of various projects. Additionally, Toni completed his master’s thesis with Laitex, where he focused on optimizing the steel structure of silos. This work not only showcased his technical proficiency but also emphasized his innovative approach to engineering challenges.

Toni continues as project and product development engineer at Laitex

Toni’s career path at Laitex didn’t stop at Mechanical Engineering Trainee point. After graduation, his role expanded to cover both project and product development engineering. This combined role required him to balance technical development with project management, demonstrating his versatility and ability to handle multiple responsibilities effectively.

At 26 years old, Toni faced the significant transition from student life to a full-fledged professional career. This shift brought new challenges but also simplified his focus, allowing him to dedicate himself entirely to his job. No longer multitasking in education, he could channel his energy into excelling at Laitex.

A great moment in the start of Toni’s project management career will come this July when he embarks on a business trip to Italy. This trip marks a significant professional milestone, showcasing his readiness to manage complex projects on an international scale. It will be a testament to his growth and the skills he has developed through his diverse roles at Laitex.

Toni’s journey and career milestones at Laitex

Reflecting on his journey, Toni often emphasizes the importance of his summer job experiences. Those early days provided a comprehensive view of the company and its operations, establishing a solid foundation for his following roles. The flexibility and diverse opportunities at Laitex allowed him to explore various facets of engineering and management, shaping him into the well-rounded professional he is today.

As Toni continues his career at Laitex, he remains committed to learning and growing. Each step, from summer trainee to Mechanical Engineer, and now to Project and Product Development Engineer, has been a valuable learning experience, preparing him for the many exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead together with Laitex.

“As a summer trainee, I was given the chance to see the bigger picture and understand how manufacturing and each department contribute to our success,” Toni shares. “This experience was crucial in shaping my career and prepared me for the diverse roles I am now ready to handle.”

Toni Mikkonen, Project Engineer at Laitex