Blue ash conveyors for recovery boiler.

Laitex's ESP equipment and ash conveying solutions focus on the efficient handling, conveying, and recycling of ash and chemicals produced in a recovery boiler.

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Recovery boiler’s ash conveyors

The black liquor burned in the recovery boiler produces chemicals for white liquor, and steam. The steam generated as a by-product is utilized in the plant’s electricity production. However, the steam contains various useful chemicals such as chloride, potassium, and ash. Instead of being released into the atmosphere, substances can be reused in processes. In addition, ash also remains at the bottom of the boiler, and can be utilized later in processes.

Laitex’s material conveying systems are designed for handling and conveying recovery boilers’ ash and ESP-dust.

Laitex’s ESP and ash conveyors

Due to our global reach, we have designed and supplied ash conveyors as well as ESP conveyor equipment for a variety of conditions, each with its own challenges.

ESP equipment

Electrostatic precipitators or ESP equipment recovers the fly ash and the pulp boiling chemicals while cleaning the airflow. The particles from a gas stream are electrically charged positively or negatively and attracted to collector plates carrying the opposite charge. Scraper conveyors scrape the solid ESP ash on the ESP ash conveyors, which recycle the ash and chemicals back to the pulp process via mixing tank.

For collecting flue gases and conveying ESP ash, Laitex designs and supplies ESP equipment conveying systems. Even one of the world’s largest recovery boilers relies on our reliable and efficient systems.

Ash conveyors

The ash from the recovery boiler is utilizes in the chemical recovery process. Laitex’s dust proof Chain Conveyors and Rotary Feeders are an excellent solution for conveying hot ash from the recovery boiler to the mixing tank

Conveying in extreme conditions

The unique combination of technology house and workshop enables the flexible and agile delivery of great solutions. Our long-lasting equipment is designed to work flawlessly at high capacity in extreme conditions. However, long experience and knowledge of different materials is behind every robust equipment we supply.

Lime dust silo's bottom.