Condition monitoring

IoT equipment

Plant condition monitoring

Laitex IoT solutions for plant’s conveying systems’ condition monitoring aim to improve predictability resulting better availability and maximized output. Diagnostics include both equipment run data and condition monitoring. Data analysis is performed based on data from the equipment.

Digital solutions are available for new equipment supplies.

Plant condition monitoring and plant data analysis

Remote access and online data gathering allow to measure, analyze, set alarm levels and compare assets’ operation and condition. Analysis can be utilized on maintenance planning and asset optimization purposes.

Comprehensive solution includes instrumentation, data gathering and storing platform. A reporting tool will be designed for the portal, which will allow devices to be monitored in real time from tens of thousands of kilometres away.

Data analysis.


IoT products by Laitex workshop

Monitoring the condition of the plant’s material handling equipment is part of modern management. Being able to monitor the status of equipment remotely allows for flexibility in our other services. Especially our long-distance global customers benefit significantly from provided IoT solutions.

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