Plant strength analysis and service life assessment are done for chain conveyors.
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Advisory services

Advisory as service is a solution for concepting, testing, and evaluating. Engineering resources help to troubleshoot bottlenecks and reliability issues, to assess lifecycle of assets and other preliminary studies before implementation. Our offering includes insight of material handling in terms of structural analysis and service life assessment.

Structural analysis

Laitex uses the fields of applied mechanics, mathematics, and material technology in structural analysis to calculate equipment’s internal forces, stability, acceleration, support reactions and stresses. Structural analysis is typically utilized when considering extending operational life, increasing capacities, speeds, loads and turnaround times, and lowering maintenance costs. It’s a cost-effective way to evaluate and analyze implementation methods before making a final decision on material handling equipment.


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Service life assessment

A service life assessment will determine the potential service life of plant’s current material handling equipment. Based on the service life assessment, it’s easier to make and justify a maintenance plan and implement it. The assessment provided by Laitex is always carried out by our own trained in-house engineers. Possible follow-up measures, such as modernization, refurbishment, and spare parts services, will be available from the same operator conducting the assessment.


Advisory services by Laitex engineers

All analyzes are provided by Laitex in-house engineers. Advisory as service ensures proper equipment services for long lasting operations. Tests are done on site, remotely, in partnership with laboratory or co-operation with a research partner.
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Other services for conveyor systems

To maximize operational reliability and equipment lifetime, we are at your service throughout your plant service life:
Laitex employee refurbishing material handling equipment.

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