Laitex Lead engineer Heikki Laitinen presenting a project Credit Mikko Nikkinen
Heikki Laitinen is creating a more sustainable world as lead engineer.

As a lead engineer Heikki Laitinen wants to build a more sustainable world


Heikki Laitinen started work at Laitex’ Vantaa office just as corona virus situation got worse in Finland between March and April 2020 and the border for Uusimaa region was closed to traffic. “When I went in to get my laptop and sign the employment contract, I had to prove to the authorities at the border why I was crossing it”, explains Laitinen how his lead engineer career started.

Despite the challenging conditions Laitinen feels that he got a good induction at Laitex. “Gladly starting work remotely was managed well, although it was a bummer not to be able to physically meet people. After the situation got better, I was able to visit the headquarters in Lappeenranta more”, he says.

Constant development and learning are sources of inspiration in engineering

Biomass processing plants and equipment were already familiar to Laitinen from working at his previous employer. In his probation at Laitex he worked as mechanical engineer and got to know Laitex equipment better. After the probation ended Laitinen became lead engineer.

Now he is coordinating equipment and layout planning in delivery projects, taking care of equipment foundation, load calculation, risk analyses, as well as process design in larger projects. In his work he constantly comes across new issues, although the software and process industry were already known to him before working at Laitex.

“The things I don’t yet know how to do, I master with careful research of the subject. Laitex’ growth objectives require constant adaptability from the company as well as its employees. People here understand the value of committed employees, and our own desires to develop the company and workmanship are taken into account”, Laitinen says.

Laitex lead engineer Heikki Laitinen inspecting material handling equipment Credit Mikko Nikkinen

Lead engineer creating a better and more sustainable world

To design, depict and document safe and efficient material handling, he utilises SolidWorks, Navisworks and AutoCAD, and for other work and communication Office software. Laitinen likes the versatility of lead engineer’s work and the ability to work together with customers.

He was originally interested in Laitex as an employer, because the company seemed to really want to grow. Laitinen also felt Laitex was genuine in its ambition to create a better world. “As individuals, our abilities to create a more sustainable future are very limited. Here, I get to influence matters in a larger scale”, Laitinen says.”

At Laitex the company’s development is powered by its people

Laitinen is thankful that Laitex allows its employees to develop themselves and learn new things. “For me, developing the company and myself are key in enjoying my work. All core competencies starting from manufacturing are under one roof here. The organisation is still rather small and Laitex gives you the opportunity to grow where your own strengths and interests take you”, he says.

Even though you may get things easier in work life, that’s not what Laitinen is after.

“I’m not burdened by old habits or fear of new challenges – I’m willing to try and do new things even though I’ve never studied the subject or stumbled upon it before. I recommend Laitex as an employer, if a person wants to challenge themselves and grow into different types of work”

Heikki Laitinen, Lead Engineer at Laitex