Mode of a bio-oil refinery with blue fuel handling system.

Laitex is developing biomass handling technology to enable the most efficient use of new material forms in biorefinery’s processes.

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Biomass handling in biorefinery

Biorefinery combines biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce sustainable fuels, power, and value-added chemicals from versatile biomasses. As biorefinery plants become more common, the demand for appropriate biomass handling systems is increasing.

Laitex supplies biomass processing solutions globally for the renewable energy industry. We have participated in the development of biomass handling technology to enable the most efficient use of new material forms in biorefinery’s processes.

Biorefineries building the future

The transition to a low-carbon economy is one of the biggest global megatrends of our time. Desire and need to create renewable, sustainable, and recyclable products and energy is driving the demand for biorefineries. Bio-based materials, including different forms of bio-waste and energy crops, are handled and used as raw materials to create sustainable operation.

Feedstocks for the biorefinery

The number of feedstocks used in biorefineries is large and constantly growing. Used biomass depend on local availability, and therefore the feedstocks and produced products vary slightly by continent. However, by far the largest feedstock categories are agriculture, forestry, and waste.

  1.  The most widely used agricultural feedstocks are oil crops, starch crops, lignocellulosic crops, and sugar crops.
  2.  Feedstocks from forestry are mainly lignocellulosic wood, but also residues from forestry.
  3.  Bio-waste is often unspecified organic residues as well as agricultural and forestry waste.


These materials are just the tip of the iceberg in everything that will be utilized in the world of the future. The growing amount of challenging bulk material requires the continuous work of professionals in the field to develop material handling systems for future biorefineries.

“The most important thing for us is quality and commitment to common goals. Laitex’s experience and expertise combined with flexibility and the recognition of our needs convinced us.”

Timo Saarelainen, CEO of Green Nordic Fuel Oy

Biomass handling systems

Laitex has developed its material handling technology to enable the most efficient and stable material flow in biorefineries. Advanced technology provides sustained biomass handling of many bio-based materials in even most demanding conditions. Our strong will to be part of development, flexible way of working and excellent products gives the biorefineries the tailored material handling solutions they need.

Bio oil refinery with green silo at night.