Innovative bulk material handling solutions

Laitex supplies bulk material handling technology from equipment deliveries to larger, turn-key solutions. Our mission is to help our customers operate more intelligently, environmentally friendly, and safely in an ever-changing world. We respond to your needs in the most efficient and agile way.

The most important thing for us is quality and commitment to common goals. Laitex’s experience and expertise combined with flexibility and the recognition of our needs convinced us.

Timo Saarelainen, CEO of Green Nordic Fuel Oy

Power & Heat

Laitex has extensive experience and knowledge in the power and heat industry. Our solutions and equipment can be found in power plants across the globe.
Fuel yard model in blue.

Fuel yard

At fuel receiving, the raw material begins the process towards its conversion into energy. Laitex's full scope solutions for fuel handling give the keys for successful power plant operations.
3d power plant with fly ash handling system

Fuel feeding

The fuel feeding system is a critical part of the whole process for boiler operation and energy production. With proper fuel feeding system plant operates functionally and efficiently.
3d model from bottom ash handling system.

Bottom Ash Handling & Sand Recycling

Bottom ash handling refers to the process of removing and processing ash, slag, sand, and non-combustible particles from the bottom of a boiler to containers or a bunker. Our well-planned solutions increase efficiency and production capabilities of the plant's operations.
Blue pneumatic conveyor to blue ash silo.

Fly Ash Handling

Fly ash is generated in fuel combustion process. It's important to collect and process so that it doesn’t enter in the atmosphere and nature. Laitex creates mechanical and pneumatic solutions for fly ash collection, conveying, handling, and storing.

Metals, minerals & mining

Laitex is known from its durable and robust material handling equipment. Our products and solutions can be found in concentrators, refineries and tailings plants around the world.
Model for concentrator conveyors and trucks in chernogorsk.

Concentrator plants

The material handling of the concentrator plant includes technologies which take the dry process flow forward. Laitex’s applications for dry material handling are suitable for conveying crushed ore before slurry handling and concentrate after dewatering.
CDS and belt

Tailings plants

With efficient dry tailings management process water is recovered and dry tailings can be stored safely. Laitex designs and manufactures dry tailings handling systems after the filtration plant.
3d model for slag conveying.

Metals Refining

Material handling systems for metals refining considers concentrate and additive receiving, storing, dosing and mixing and further conveying to next process step. Robust solutions ensures that refinery’s flow remains constant and precise.
Concentrator plant in Russia with blue container loading systems.

Industrial Minerals and Chemicals processing

Many industrial plants have their specific conveying needs due to layout restrictions or specific process conditions. Laitex aims to answer such requirements with wide product offering.

Circular economy

Laitex designs and manufactures conveying solutions for various applications in the circular economy and environmental sector.
Activated carbon plant model with activated carbon equipment by Laitex.

Activated carbon plants

The growing international demand for activated carbon drives the need for activated carbon plants. Laitex has designed equipment suitable for conveying and handling activated carbon efficiently.
Mode of a bio-oil refinery with blue fuel handling system.


Biorefinery produces sustainable fuels, power, and value-added chemicals from versatile biomass. Laitex has participated in the development of biomass handling technology to enable the most efficient use of new material forms.
Laitex's esp equipment in 3d model

Air Quality Control

Combustion processes produce air polluting particles, which will spread untreated into the environment and atmosphere. The growing trend of climate change requires plants to have efficient flue gas treatment systems.
big sludge handling system 3d model.

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment is a process which considers separation of sludge and its treatment. Laitex's tailored conveyor systems around waste management promote efficient waste recovery.

Pulp & paper

Laitex designs and supplies solutions for pulp and paper plants' bulk material handling. In addition, Laitex specializes in the mills' maintenance services.
Three wood chip storages with blue screw disharges.

Wood processing

Wood processing plant considers handling large number of logs which will be processed into wood chips. Laitex conveyor systems are suitable for chip receiving, storing, screening, and conveying in wood processing plant.
Mechanical pulp model with Laitex's chip metering screw.


Pulp cooking and chip treatment is one of the key processes in mechanical pulping. Even feed and unloading of materials is emphasized when controlling material flow in the process.
Blue ash conveyors for recovery boiler.

Recovery boiler

The black liquor burned in the recovery boiler produces chemicals for white liquor, and steam. Laitex's ESP equipment and ash conveying solutions focus on the efficient handling, conveying, and recycling of ash and chemicals produced in a recovery boiler.
Model for lime conveyors in recausticizing process


Material handling in recausticizing plant considers handling and conveying solid materials for maintaining the flow and enabling the efficient operation. Laitex's conveying systems specializes for conveying lime and ESP dust in recaustizising process.
Model from lime crushers and conveyors.

Lime Kiln

Material handling in lime kiln considers handling and conveying lime for maintaining the flow before and after the kiln. Laitex lime and ESP dust conveying systems are delivered globally.
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Lifecycle services for conveyor systems in bulk material handling

To maximize operational reliability and equipment lifetime, we are at your service throughout your plant service life:
Laitex employee refurbishing material handling equipment.

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