Grey model of sludge incineration plant and conveyors in blue.

Equipment for sludge incineration plant

Rovaniemi, Finland



  • Year of delivery: 2018
  • Plant: Sludge incineration plant
  • Material: Sludge


  • Dryer-reactor screws
  • Sand re-circulation
  • Equipment installation

Rovaniemi overview

The material handling system for sludge incineration plant was part of the first Endev’s test plant for commercial use in Rovaniemi, Finland. Endev’s sludge treatment plant utilizes the sludge from the city wastewater treatment plant, aiming to recycle nutrients into a cost-efficient and safe fertilizer. The heat generated as a by-product is utilized in the city’s district heating network.

Material handling system for sludge

Laitex was responsible for the mechanical conveying system between Endev’s dryer and reactor. Wet sludge handling placed special demands on the tailored conveyor system.
Inside a sludge incineration plant in Rovaniemi.


The sludge is dried with hot sand, after which the dry material is fed into Endev’s own PAKU system. The PAKU technology has been developed to treat sewage sludge in order to minimize the amount of material transported from the wastewater treatment plant.

The conveying system Laitex supplied and installed has three phases:

  1. Sand feeding to the reactor
  2. Hot sand feeding to dryer and sand recycling
  3. Sludge-sand mixture feeding to the reactor.


This project emphasized a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and the material being handled, excellent engineering expertise and co-operation.

Synergy from a partnership

Our partner has over 100 years of experience in thermal process development, drying, and combustion solutions for the energy and environmental sectors. The co-operation brought great synergies and Laitex helped to create something completely new to promote the circular economy.

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