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Increase efficiency with

Modern plant

Increase efficiency with plant modernization

In plant modernization, the entire material handling system will be restored to meet today’s requirements and operational efficiency. Plant modernization includes capacity, safety, production, material, and uptime improvements. Laitex performs turn-key modernization projects from concepting to implementation with decades of expertise.

Fuel conversion to biomass

Due to the green revolution and environmental goals, fuel conversion from coal to biomass is increasing. When converting fuel, the material handling system must also be upgraded to match the new material. Biomass handling knowledge has become one of Laitex’s core competencies.

fuel conversion.


Safety and capacity

The material handling system must meet the safety, capacity and uptime required by the plant. Competent design provides a cost-effective way to upgrade a plant.

The modernization will be done systematically in co-operation with the customer. During the project, the plant will be kept operating as far as possible.

At your service right from the start

Other services for conveyor systems

To maximize operational reliability and equipment lifetime, we are at your service throughout your plant service life:
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