Blue belt feeder inside a grey gold ore silo.

Heavy-duty Belt Reclaimers

Mansourah & Massarah, Saudi Arabia



  • Year of delivery: 2020
  • Plant: Concentrator – 250 000 ounces of gold per annum
  • Material: Crushed ore


  • 4 x Heavy Duty belt reclaimers
  • Radiometric belt scales

Mansourah & Massarah overview

Heavy-duty Belt Reclaimers in Mansourah & Massarah project, Saudi Arabia ensure continuous operation of the concentrator plant. The plant is a greenfield gold concentrator designed to produce an average of 250 000 ounces of gold per annum.

A total of four sets of unloading equipment were delivered.

Robust Belt Reclaimers for gold ore

Laitex tailored long-lasting and wear-resistant conveyors for the gold concentrator. Heavy-duty Belt Reclaimers were designed with radiometric scales to discharge large capacities of ore with minimal material spillage. The silo above the equipment contains up to 10,000 tons of gold ore. Each Belt Reclaimer is designed to unload 600 tons of ore per hour.

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