Blue screw mixer conveyors in grey tailings plant.

Water has significant role in the mining process. With efficient tailings management process water is recovered and dry tailings can be stored safely.

Laitex Oy

Solutions for Tailings plant

Dry tailings produced after tailings are dewatered with filtration after thickening. When keeping unit costs low in terms of CAPEX and OPEX, equipment sizes are increasing. Same applies for filtered tailings handling starting from receiving of filtered cake and conveying that for further processing.

Filter Cake Discharge system

Receiving tens of tons of filtered tailings in short discharge cycle requires robust and reliable filter cake discharge conveyor. In case batch operated filter applied, one of the key requirements for such system is to turn batch receiving to continuous and steady material flow. Right sizing and meeting filter operation cycles is crucial to meet process requirements.

Conveying and stacking

During decades of experience of handling filtered cake material, Laitex has developed additional features for such discharge systems. Primary cake discharging, levelling roller, cake breakers are result of careful product development. Filtered tailings are collected to collecting conveyor and conveyed for further processing to final tailings storage facility. Typically, filtration plants are equipped with emergency pile stackers in order to keep plant running during maintenance break. Ask our consultancy for complete handling system.