Model from lime crushers and conveyors.

Material handling in lime kiln considers handling and conveying lime for maintaining the flow before and after the kiln. Laitex specializes in lime and ESP dust conveying systems globally.

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Lime conveyors and crushers

A lime kiln converts calcium carbonate and lime mud, into burnt lime, that is used to react with green liquor in recausticizing process. The recycling of lime thus creates a closed loop for the process.

Laitex’s systems for lime kiln focus on both conveying lime mud before the kiln and crushing and conveying of burnt lime. In addition, Laitex designs conveying solutions for flue gas treatment .

Lime handling from Laitex

Laitex has designed lime conveyors and whole conveying systems for a variety of conditions, each with its own challenges. Through our strong knowledge of lime, our equipment is applicable globally.

Lime Conveyors

The lime mud resulting from the combination of lime and green liquor is very moist and sticky mass, that requires special precision in the design of the lime mud conveyors. At this point, some of the lime mud may be conveyed directly to the smelt dissolving tank and replaced with purchased lime. The conveyors Laitex designs specialize in maintaining a stable flow of lime with low maintenance need. With accurate flow the lime mud is finally fed to lime kiln where it’s burned.

Lime crushing and conveying

The coarse, burnt lime formed in the kiln is crushed so that it can be utilized again in the recausticizing process. Large pieces of lime are sent to the Lime Crusher from which they are conveyed further in the process. Crushing lime improves material flow, absorbs impacts to other conveyors and enhance the operation of the follow-up processes.

Laitex’s Lime Crushers are designed to respond demanding and extreme processing conditions in the lime kiln. Easy maintenance, robust design and tailored equipment enables the most suitable result for the process.

ESP equipment

Lime kiln also produces flue dust that is captured usually with Electrostatic precipitators, ESP equipment. The particles from a gas stream are electrically charged and attracted to collector plates carrying the opposite charge. The solid ESP dust is collected usually with Screw Conveyors and conveyed for further processing.

Laitex’s solutions to enhance white liquor production

The unique combination of skilled engineering and workshop enables the flexible and agile delivery of solutions for different materials. Our long-lasting equipment is designed to work flawlessly at high capacity in extreme conditions. However, long experience and knowledge of different materials is behind every robust equipment we supply.

Bucket elevators lifted on top of the silo.