Power plant in Bazancourt with blue ash handling equipment.

Ash handing and fuel feeding system

Bazancourt, France



  • Year of delivery: 2020
  • Plant: 45 MWth
  • Fuel: Wood chips, bark, sawdust, recycled wood, wine wood fibers


  • Fuel feeding system
  • Ash handling equipment

Bazancourt overview

New ash handling and fuel feeding system enabled efficient operation for a power plant in Bazancourt, France. The combined heat and power plant (CHP) uses biomass as fuel, including wood chips and bark, recycled wood, and cuttings from vines.

Laitex designed and supplied a fuel feeding system and ash handling equipment for the 45 MWth Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) boiler. Ash handling equipment included both bottom and fly ash handling. In addition to the delivery, Laitex performed commissioning supervision and training for the staff of the plant.

Biomass solution for the new plant

The fuel feeding system used in a plant is part of a long-term development for the future of green energy in France. The boiler plant is a combined heat and power plant that generates superheated steam for electricity production. Additionally, it supplies hot water and process steam for the "black and white" wood pellet production plant as well as to third-party industrial processes located nearby.

Related solutions

3d power plant with fly ash handling system

Fuel feeding

The fuel feeding system is a critical part of the whole process for boiler operation and energy production. With proper fuel feeding system plant operates functionally and efficiently.
3d model from bottom ash handling system.

Bottom Ash Handling & Sand Recycling

Bottom ash handling refers to the process of removing and processing ash, slag, sand, and non-combustible particles from the bottom of a boiler to containers or a bunker. Our well-planned solutions increase efficiency and production capabilities of the plant's operations.
Blue pneumatic conveyor to blue ash silo.

Fly Ash Handling

Fly ash is generated in fuel combustion process. It's important to collect and process so that it doesn’t enter in the atmosphere and nature. Laitex creates mechanical and pneumatic solutions for fly ash collection, conveying, handling, and storing.