Laitex's esp equipment in 3d model

Combustion processes produce air polluting particles, which will spread untreated into the environment and atmosphere. The growing trend of climate change requires plants to have efficient flue gas treatment systems.

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Flue gas treatment in air quality control

Flue gas treatment is part of the modern plant operation. The flue gases produced by the plants must be captured and handled properly to prevent harmful particles from spreading into the environment. Several methods have been developed for this purpose, such as Baghouse filters and electrostatic precipitator equipment or ESP equipment for short.

Laitex has a long history and strong knowledge of material handling systems for various types of flue gas treatment processes.

Air quality control

Latex’s well-designed solutions include collecting and conveying the dust and by-products. Our effective systems are designed based on the filter requirements.

ESP equipment

ESP equipment can remove even 99 % of the pollutants from the flue gas. Even the smallest particles from a gas stream are electrically charged positively or negatively. The charged particles are attracted to collector plates carrying the opposite charge. Scraper conveyors scrape the solid ESP dust accumulated in the ESP equipment to be conveyed out of the system. Instead of toxic flue gases, only water vapor is released into the air.

For collecting flue gases and conveying ESP dust, Laitex designs and supplies equipment ESP systems. Even one of the world’s largest recovery boilers relies on our efficient air quality control systems.

Baghouse filters

Baghouse filters typically have a collection efficiency of at least 99%, even when particle size is very small. They are used to capture, and separate particulate matter and dust from the plant’s airflow. Collected material forms a solid dust cake on the sides of the filtering material. The dust cake will continue to grow until it blocks airflow and needs to be cleaned. There are three cleaning methods for Baghouses: Reverse air (R/A), Shaker, and Pulse jet.

For conveying the filtered material, Laitex designs and manufactures various types of conveying systems for heavy dust loads and disposal of hazardous materials. The filtered dust cake falls into the conveyor and is typically conveyed to a silo or ash container.

For a cleaner environment

One of Laitex’s values is its ability to provide solutions to support a sustainable world and curb climate change. With decades of experience, innovative product development and a flexible attitude, we’ve developed effective material handling solutions for flue gas treatment.

Laitex's black rotary feeder.