Mechanical pulp model with Laitex's chip metering screw.

Pulp cooking and chip treatment is a key process in all mechanical pulping processes. Even feed and unloading of materials is emphasized when controlling material flow in the process.

Laitex Oy

Equipment solutions for pulp cooking

Depending on the equipment and operating technology, the pulp cooking process can be divided into super batch cooking and continuous cooking. The process results useful fibers as well as black liquor.

Laitex’s equipment solutions Airlock Screw Feeder and Chip Metering Screw are designed for feeding and unloading the presteaming chip bin. Accurate and stable functionality is emphasized in terms of keeping uniform quality and moisture.

Airlock Screw Feeder

The wood chips are conveyed from the wood yard finally to the Airlock Screw Feeder. The conveyor feeds the chips continuously into the presteaming chip bin according to the required capacity. Airlock Screw Feeder is always tailored according to the customer’s requirements considering dimensions, material, and capacity.

Chip Metering Screw

The Chip Metering Screw is located at the bottom of the chip bin. It’s designed to unload and adjust the capacity of material flow for further processing. Chip Metering Screw is always tailored according to the customer’s requirements considering chip bin’s dimensions, material, and needed capacity. Both screws are our unique equipment that are the result of a long technology development. Their suitability for a variety of materials, efficiency and ease of maintenance are second to none.