Laitex Production and Health and Safety Manager Matti Naukkarinen Credit Mikko Nikkinen
Matti Naukkarinen rose from machinist to production and health and safety manager.

Matti Naukkarinen advanced from machinist to production manager


Matti Naukkarinen started working for Laitex in 2004 as a machinist. He was happy doing this job for 13 years, until the desire to advance in his career lead to train himself to be a work technician alongside his job. First, he advanced to work management for machining and paint shops, then his responsibilities grew to taking care of assembly and warehousing as well as health and safety.

In the spring of 2020, he started working as a production manager, and now he’s also the health and safety manager for all Laitex sites. Advancing from employee to manager was easy in Naukkarinen’s view, and happened without conflict.

“I thrive in a hectic work environment, I don’t like idle time or waiting. When you’re feeling a little pressure, you’re at your best. With nice people around me and an interesting job, there’s no problem finding work motivation”, Naukkarinen says.

Production manager cooperates with sales, production, shipping and service

It is Naukkarinen’s responsibility to plan production schedules to the workload system, which also forms deadlines to the engineering department. In addition to him, production resourcing is handled by two managers. Even though Naukkarinen’s main responsibility is taking care of the production, he takes into account every department that his work influences. Following the project business from start to finish makes his work very versatile.

“I’ve always been interested in things in a broader perspective than just my own work. My strength is in understanding the big picture. We work with constant schedule and efficiency demands. In such an environment it’s good to understand the whole process from sales to project and product engineering, subcontracting and further to own manufacturing and shipping. I also get to know the work of maintenance and service through warranty issues“, Naukkarinen says.

The year 2020 was especially eventful because of Laitex’ strong growth. “We had to work a lot for example to develop our subcontracting to match the varied needs in project business”, says Naukkarinen. Laitex also keeps investing in health and safety: the goal is to have zero occupational accidents in a year.

Laitex Production Manager Matti Naukkarinen inspects material handling equipment Credit Mikko Nikkinen

Production manager tackles the challenges of an industrial growth company with cooperation

Laitex’ growth objectives mean that Naukkarinen will be responsible for bigger production capacities. They also mean more interesting projects. “I have a lot to look forward to. It’s not all ‘smooth sailing’ yet, and I intervene pretty easily, if I notice something should be improved. Every day I poke something into the right direction”, he says.

In Naukkarinen’s view Laitex is a fair, but demanding employer. “If a person wants to advance in their career, they will get a chance to do that – whether you work in the office or production, as an engineer or warehouse worker. It doesn’t matter who you talk to – CEO or warehouse worker – we’re all equals here. Our company also offers company wide extracurricular activities for different interests and groups ranging from motor bike enthusiasts to floorball teams”, Naukkarinen says.

“Even though stress levels at work may sometimes be high, I’m lucky to get to do a job that I like.”

Matti Naukkarinen, Production Manager at Laitex Oy