Recovery boiler conveyors in blue and an engineer standing beside them.

Recovery boiler conveyors' modernization

Kaukopää, Finland



  • Year of delivery: 2019
  • Plant: SK5 190MW and SK6 400 MW
  • Material: Recovery boiler ash


  • Modernization of Recovery boiler ash handling systems

Kaukopää overview

Laitex carried out a life cycle inspection of Stora Enso’s Kaukopää mills, which focused not only on the recovery boiler but also on the soda ash conveyors. Based on the inspection, the 30-year-old conveyors were upgraded to meet increased capacity, the safety plan and to improve the reliability of the production process.

"The project went according to the plan and the cooperation went smoothly. We were pleased with the delivery."

Janne Mäkelä, Production Engineer at Stora Enso

Effective implementation

The implementation of the project was planned for a short five-day production shutdown, where the old ash and recovery boiler conveyors were replaced with new ones. Prior to installation, Laitex was responsible for dismantling and removing old conveyors. Dismantling and installation was carried out 24 hours per day to meet the target schedule.

Industrial material handling expertise

This project emphasized the co-operation between Laitex’s excellent service and project departments. The collaboration between these departments is kept close to ensure a seamless start of the project and the flow of information. The customer relationship with Kaukopää is still ongoing.

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