big sludge handling system 3d model.

Wastewater treatment is a process which considers separation of sludge and its treatment. Our tailored conveyor systems around waste management promote efficient waste recovery.

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Wastewater treatment and sludge handling

Wastewater treatment is a concentration process in which sludge is separated from the water stream and converted into useful material. The many benefits of sludge have recently begun to be better understood. It can be used to produce biogas, fertilizers, or heat, for example, but it’s also utilized in the process of some pulp mills.

Sludge is sticky and corrosive material, which is rather challenging to handle. Laitex’s conveyor systems are specialized for conveying and handling solid sludge efficiently.

Wastewater treatment

The idea behind sludge treatment process is to recycle useful substances in the best possible way. There are many different methods for wastewater treatment such as dewatering and thickening, which include many different processing methods. Laitex designs and manufactures sludge handling systems to suit chosen treatment method.

Laitex’s sludge conveyors

Laitex’s sludge conveyors are capable of handling high capacities with low solids content. They are usually located after the dewatering phase when the sludge is separated and must be conveyed further in the processes. Cost efficiency and handling large capacities with low maintenance need are the result of our long product development.

Laitex designs sludge handling systems as tailored solutions worldwide. Extensive expertise in engineering systems for difficult materials and challenging conditions is our great strength. However, thorough knowledge of materials is at the core of any of our sludge handling systems.