Grey plant with ESP lime dust conveyors in blue.

ESP Lime dust conveyors

Kymi, Finland



  • Year of delivery: 2018
  • Plant: Kymi pulp and paper mill
  • Material: ESP Lime dust


  • Lime dust conveyors
  • Lime dust storage silo
  • Silo unloading system
  • Equipment erection

Kymi overview

ESP lime dust conveying system was delivered to Kymi, Finland to meet the increased capacity. After the upgrade, mill’s yearly production capacity increased to 870 000 tons of bleached pulp.

Laitex’s scope of supply included ESP lime dust conveyors, lime dust storage silo and silo unloading system to trucks. In addition, the project included equipment erection and service platforms.

Tailored solution for handling the ESP lime dust

As the mill’s capacity improved, the amount of lime dust increased. A tailored solution was developed for handling the extra lime dust coming from the process.

Conveying, storing and loading ESP lime dust

Plant was provided with tailored turnkey solution to handle ESP lime dust. The system was adapted to the existing ESP filter so that some of the lime dust could be conveyed to a storage silo. ESP lime dust is unloaded from the storage silo into trucks. Utilizing the old system in the best possible way resulted in a cost-effective solution.

Laitex's black rotary feeder.

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