Different conveyor spare parts for conveyors.
OEM conveyor spare parts


Spare parts for bulk material handling

Conveyors’ operating conditions are often challenging, and they are constantly exposed to heat fluctuations, dust, dirt, moisture, and impacts. However, they must be always constantly operational and in working order. Conveyor spare parts from Laitex secures plant’s continuous operation, while ensuring performance to rely on.

The main goal of our conveyor spare parts service is to improve the performance and safety of conveyor systems. And above all, extend the life of the conveyor system. With proper maintenance and high-quality OEM spare parts, the life cycle of the conveyor system can be extended by several years.

Spare parts for material handling equipment

Spare parts for material handling equipment include parts for the equipment we supply and, if possible, for other equipment also. These include spare parts from shaft sealings to screw reclaimers and rotary feeders.

Flow Must Go On: We keep our inventory up to date so that our customers do not have to store spare parts themselves. Conveyor spare parts are available for even the most urgent needs. However, these situations can be avoided with regular inspections that lead to recommendations of the right spare parts at the right time.

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Power transmission of conveyors

The transmission equipment of the conveyors, such as chains and motors, wears in a long run. These are the core of the conveyors, and their operation should be monitored so that maintenance and the need for spare parts are known in advance. Hence, minimizing plant’s downtime.

Laitex’s own IoT technology has been developed just for this purpose allowing us to monitor, for example, chain elongation. We are able to anticipate future maintenance needs and malfunctions in advance and provide conveyor spare parts beforehand. This is a particularly convenient solution for remote places on the globe where it is challenging to have regular inspections.

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Other services for conveyor systems

To maximize operational reliability and equipment lifetime, we are at your service throughout your plant service life:
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