Power plant in Turku with fuel feeding and biomass treatment systems delivered by Laitex.

Biomass handling system to power plant

Turku, Finland



  • Year of delivery: 2018
  • Plant: 12MW Steam boiler
  • Fuel: Wood chips, bark, sawdust, and forest residues


  • Fuel storage, screening & metal separation
  • Fuel feeding & ash handling
  • Dust removal system
  • Buildings
  • Electrification & automation
  • Erection, commissioning & training

Turku overview

Fuel handling system for a steam plant was delivered as a turnkey solution to Turku, Finland. The new fuel handling system is an important part in terms of the operation of the energy plant as it ensures the efficient and reliable supply of fuel to the boiler. Biomass handling expertise was in a key role in this project.

"Laitex is a flexible partner that takes our development ideas into account and reacts quickly even to small change requests. The project has progressed as planned, and we have reached all our milestones within schedule”

Jari Lahtinen, Project Manager at Turku Energia

Biomass handling system as full scope

Biomass handling system included a 600 cubic meter receiving and storage building equipped with chain dischargers, conveyor to the screening building, the screening plant building with over-size and metal separation and a conveyor to the boiler feeding day silo. The delivery also included dust removal equipment, as well as complete electrification, instrumentation and automation systems. The fuel handling system was delivered as a turnkey project for the customer.

Renewable biomass treatment

Expertise in biomass handling was vitally needed in this project as it uses various types of renewable wood-based fuels. Usage of wood-based fuels lowered the plants annual CO2 emissions by 20 000 tonnes. The steam power plant produces 12MW of energy.

Laitex is at its best in challenging full-scope projects. Lasse Kurronen, CEO, emphasized that winning the competitive bidding was based on a strong display of competence.

“We aim to be the best supplier of conveyor solutions for solid fuel. We have the ability to take a responsibility for the implementation of full scope projects smoothly and with a very large scope. Our cooperation with Turku Energia and other parties in the project has been excellent.” – Lasse Kurronen, CEO at Laitex.

Red conveyor feeding biomass into day silo.
Inside a power plant two man standing.
Fuel handling area located in Turku energia power plant.

"All in all, we had an extremely positive experience of Laitex."

Jari Lahtinen, Project Manager at Turku Energia

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Fuel yard model in blue.

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3d power plant with fly ash handling system

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3d model from bottom ash handling system.

Bottom Ash Handling & Sand Recycling

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Blue pneumatic conveyor to blue ash silo.

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