Blue pneumatic conveyor to blue ash silo.

Tools for creating an environmentally friendly plant operations begin with fly ash handling. Laitex offers various solutions for the recovery and handling of fly ash.

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Fly ash handling systems

Fly ash is generated in fuel combustion process. Its particle size is fine and therefore it rises in the boiler with the hot air. It’s important to collect and process the ash so that it doesn’t enter in the atmosphere and nature. Nowadays, air pollution control standards require fly ash handling.

conveying systems for fly ash

Fly ash handling systems are part of Laitex’s full scope solutions. We have delivered a variety of systems around the world, regardless of size, boiler type and fuel.

Fly ash conveying and fly ash silos

Often in small power plants fly ash is collected on the same conveyors as bottom ash. This way, the same conveyor system can handle both bottom and fly ash. Fly ash goes through same, screening and storage process as bottom ash.

If fly ash is collected separately, it is often done with a different type of filters, cyclons and an ESP (electrostatic precipitator) equipment. ESP is the last separator in the line which separates even the finest particles from flue gases. Depending on the situation, pneumatic conveyors that are completely impermeable are particularly suitable for transporting filter fly ash.

Fly ash is cooled and conveyed to a fly ash silo by mechanical or pneumatic conveyors. The ash is transported from the silo by trucks to further processing. Almost half of the fly ash produced can be recycled to be used in for example cement or plaster.

Fly ash handling solutions from Laitex

Laitex designs and supplies fly ash handling systems that are customized based on customer’s needs. We create solutions for ash collection, conveying, handling, and storing. Our technology is suitable from small to large plants.

An important goal of Laitex is to create cleaner solutions for our customers around the world. Our mission motivates us to develop and create always better and more efficient devices. Laitex’s fly ash conveying equipment, storage silos and silo unloading equipment enable the flue gas cleaning systems to function properly and thus achieve the plant’s emission targets.


"Laitex has been a flexible partner that has responded quickly to project requirements. We have been satisfied with Laitex's knowhow and it's expertise served our investment excellently."

Janne Alpua, CEO at Haapajärven Lämpö Oy