Three wood chip storages with blue screw disharges.

Wood processing plant produces, handles, and stores high quality wood chips, that require robust conveying system to support the material flow.

Laitex Oy

Conveying solutions for Wood processing plant

Wood processing plant considers handling large number of logs which will be processed into wood chips. The produced wood chips are conveyed and stacked to the wood yard outside, from where they are conveyed for pulp production.

Heavy-duty conveying systems designed by Laitex, handle large quantities of wood chips efficiently. Our conveyor systems are suitable for chip receiving, storing, screening, and conveying. In addition, we offer solutions for conveying and storing bark.

Conveyors for Wood processing plant

Laitex delivers conveyor systems globally for various material handling needs. The conveyor system of wood processing plant is designed for very large capacities and low maintenance need.

Chip conveying and screening

From chipper, the wood chips are conveyed to the wood yard in a pile, typically with belt conveyors. From a large pile, the chips are unloaded with a traversing screw on the next conveyor.

Pulping processes require chipped and screened wood chips in uniform size. The chips are conveyed from wood yard to screening, where unnecessary parts from the materials are removed, and consistency is improved.

Laitex’s accurate high-volume screening and conveying solutions are always tailored according to the plant’s conditions.

Wood chip storage

Wood chips are sometimes conveyed to a silo before cooking process. The purpose of interim storage is to maintain the continuous and reliable operation of the plant. Our heavy-duty conveyor systems around the chip storage are designed to handle large capacities of wood chips.

Side streams

In addition, the wood processing plant may also receive purchased wood chips from elsewhere. These side streams are conveyed for example through screening and by bucket elevators into the flow. The strong expertise of our design team offers agile implementation to integrate side streams into the material flow as efficiently as possible.

Flexible partner

Laitex’s solutions applicable well to the conditions required by a wood processing plant. Our long experience and knowledge of different materials and their behavior is behind every robust equipment and system we supply.

Screw disharger and wood chips.