Concentrator plant in Russia with blue container loading systems.

Reliability, low operating costs, long lifetime are typically required on bulk material handling.

Laitex Oy

Solutions for Chemicals and Industrial minerals plants

Many industrial plants have their specific conveying needs due to layout restrictions or specific process conditions. Laitex aims to answer such requirements with wide product offering. 

Laitex offers solutions for both mechanical and pneumatic conveying.

Receiving and storing


Dusting is often present when bulk materials are received from ships, trains or trucks. All of Laitex receiving solutions can be equipped with dedusting systems depending specific needs: either local units or centralized vacuum units. Due to pneumatic conveying systems, dusting can be also reduced considerably.

Screw, chain, and belt conveyors feed the material further from receiving and in case high raise is required side belt conveyor or elevators are needed. Materials are stored in longitudinal stockpiles, round or square silo and reclaimed.


Discharge, dosing and feeding


Depending on material characteristics, materials tend to be free or non-free-flow so right stockpile or silo reclaiming technique is selected accordingly. Rod gates can also be used for reducing material pressure towards reclaiming equipment.

Controlled discharge or at least measured discharge flow is typically must in order to gain wanted material mix while process in control. There are obvious benefits with conventional screw and vibrating feeders as well.