Recausticizing plant in Tres Lagos with blue lime conveyors.

Lime mud conveyors for recausticizing plant

Três Lagoas, Brazil



  • Year of delivery: 2016
  • Plant: Fibria Horizonte 2 Pulp Mill
  • Materials: Dregs, lime mud and burned lime


Três Lagoas overview

The white liquor plant (WLP) in Três Lagoas, Brazil was constructed with Laitex to meet the highest environmental standards. Laitex supplied material handling system for the white liquor plant. The project included chain conveyors, 57 meters high chain elevators, lime crushers, screw conveyors and slide gate valves.

The new white liquor plant offers top-class performance in all process conditions due to its robust material handling system. The system enables the plant to achieve high availability and reliability, thus minimizing alkaline loss and waste.

Part of a new pulp mill

Laitex’s delivery was part of a larger project for the entire pulp mill in Três Lagoas. In total, the production capacity of the mill reached 3.25 million tons per year, making it one of the largest pulp producers in the world.


Lime conveyors in white liquor pulp and paper plant.

White liquor plant

The new white liquor plant consists of a single-line recausticizing plant and two lime kilns. Laitex designed and supplied conveyor system for dregs, lime mud and burned lime handling.

The material handling system enabled the plant’s energy-efficient operation, high capacity, long-lasting uptime and reaching environmental standards.

Two grey lime conveyors.

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Model for lime conveyors in recausticizing process


Material handling in recausticizing plant considers handling and conveying solid materials for maintaining the flow and enabling the efficient operation. Laitex's conveying systems specializes for conveying lime and ESP dust in recaustizising process.
Model from lime crushers and conveyors.

Lime Kiln

Material handling in lime kiln considers handling and conveying lime for maintaining the flow before and after the kiln. Laitex lime and ESP dust conveying systems are delivered globally.