Model for concentrator conveyors and trucks in chernogorsk.

Solutions for Concentrator plant

The material handling of the concentrator plant includes technologies which take the dry process flow forward by unloading, feeding, conveying, loading, and storing the material. The crushed ore is fed to concentrator plant for size reduction and followed with slurry handling. After dewatering the concentrates are collected and conveyed either to big bags, truck, containers, or train cart.

Laitex’s applications for dry material handling are suitable for conveying crushed ore before slurry handling and concentrate after dewatering. Conveyors will be designed based on the size and amount of material, inclination, and distance.

Material handling in concentrator plant

Laitex is known from its durable and robust material handling equipment. Our solutions can be found in concentrator plants around the world.

Concentrator infeed conveyors

Unloading and conveying crushed ore requires a lot from material handling equipment. Above all, Laitex’s infeed conveyors are designed to withstand heavy wear, dust, impacts, and extreme conditions. We provide conveying solutions for both long-distance and vertical conveying, depending on the type and need of concentrator.

Our robust equipment, such as belt conveyors, are based on our own technology, which pays particular attention to the ease and efficiency of maintenance. Hence, concentrator plant’s material in feed can be kept stable, and flow goes on.

Conveying, loading, and storing concentrate

In concentrate handling, our solutions focus on efficient conveying and loading different volumes. We have developed loading solutions worldwide for big bags, trucks, sea containers, and train carts. Solutions tailored to the customer’s needs are always designed to fit other parties’ systems.

Laitex’s loading equipment enables an even and controlled material flow with high loading and dosing reliability. Clear communication between weighing and loading ensures proper operation of the system. Advanced equipment design minimizes material spillage and maintain a steady flow through the conveying.

We are also paying particular attention to the cleanliness of the conveyors, such as screw conveyors, belt feeders, and loading conveyors, to keep the concentrate as immaculate as possible through the whole process.

Decades of heavy-duty expertise

All our equipment is designed with a long-life cycle, high availability, easy-to-install and low maintenance cost. Laitex has the ability to handle the roughest materials and offers unparalleled flexibility and professionalism in terms of tailored material handling solutions. Above all, long experience and knowledge of different bulk materials are however behind every robust equipment we supply.


Container loading system and a man standing beside a container.