Plant in Gueandenloupe and a fuel feeding system in blue.

Coal to biomass conversion

Le Moule, Guadeloupe



  • Year of delivery: 2019
  • Plant: Le Moule – Unit 3: 35 MWe
  • Fuel: Biopellets


  • Fuel feeding system
  • Coal to biomass conversion
  • Use of locally-sourced and renewable resources
  • Power plant has reduced its CO2 emissions by 87 %

Le Moule overview

Coal to biomass conversion made Guadeloupe’s Le Moule power plant a 100% user of locally-sourced and renewable resources. The power plant has reduced its CO2 emissions by 87 %. The power plant has been in operation since 1998 and has now been modernized with the help of Laitex.

A new pellet feeding system was designed in close cooperation with the boiler supplier and the end customer.

“We did a lot of research and modeling with the client and our partner in the pre-design phase of the plant. As our work progressed, we received praise for our expertise and flexibility. Our French sales agents’ local knowledge and common language facilitated communication,” says Sami Koskela from Laitex, who was involved in defining the project.

The new pellet feeding system will increase the efficiency

When the fuel was changed to a more efficient and cleaner burning pellet, the fuel feeding system was also completely redesigned including the silo, dischargers and feeding devices. The fuel is now more accurately adjusted to utilize the boiler’s efficiency. In addition, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.


Many rotary valves in a row.

Coal to biomass conversion

The power plant generates 31% of the island state’s electricity. Therefore, unnecessary shutdowns of the boiler are avoided. The plant is designed so that one feeding line can be shut down if necessary. That makes maintenance a lot easier, and the plant produces a steady flow of hot water and energy.

Solutions for converting coal to biomass are Laitex’s core competencies. The Guadeloupe power plant is now able to continue the energy flow with the modern process and greener energy.

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