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Family entrepreneurship across generations – we have over 38 years of extensive material handling experience. During that time, the Laitex family has grown a lot and we’ve become a full-service technology company.

Our main goal has always been the same – we strive to create the best possible value for our customers and help them succeed. We know our customers’ value chains, offer them innovative solutions for greater competitiveness, and support them throughout the entire life-cycle of our products and services.


Innovative material
handling technology
for the world.



Laitex specializes in material handling from individual equipment deliveries to large turnkey solutions. We help our customers operate more smartly, environmentally friendly, and safely than before. And no matter how big or challenging a project is, we always think outside the box and find the best solution.

–  We are a company you can challenge.



We know the materials
and how to responsibly
utilize them.



The world is quickly changing, and so are our customers’ needs. We respond to these needs in the fastest and most efficient way – all the while ensuring, that environmental aspects are taken well into account. We are focusing more and more on circular economy projects for greener future.






Excellent business agility, flexibility and problem-solving skills are at the heart of Laitex. Our customers trust us with their projects since they know we will handle them all the way from planning to maintaining.



Two engineers looking at each other.

When you combine expertise with cooperation, you get the most long-lasting solutions on the market



Laitex is a flexible combination of a technology house and a workshop. This enables our quick response to all situations. Our ability to solve problems is based purely on our own experience and know-how. We constantly develop our processes and improve our skills to serve our customers even better.



Lasse Kurronen, CEO


“This is the way we combine our professionalism, attitude, and service-mindedness to create outstanding solutions.”