Mode of a bio-oil refinery with blue fuel handling system.

Biomass handling system

Lieksa, Finland



  • Year of delivery: 2020
  • Plant: Bio-oil refinery
  • Material: 100% renewable forest-based materials


  • Feedstock handling:
    • Receiving
    • Screening and sorting
    • Storage and feeding to dryer
  • Electrification, Automation, and Instrumentation

Lieksa overview

Laitex’s material handling system supports green revolution as part of a bio-oil refinery in Lieksa, Finland. The system comprises all material handling from reception to feed to the dryer.

Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s production plant obtains its 100% renewable forest-based raw materials in the immediate vicinity of the plant. The material is refined locally into high-quality bio-oil, which can later be exploited in various industries, such as transport and plastics.

“The most important thing for us is quality and commitment to common goals. Laitex’s experience and expertise combined with flexibility and the recognition of our needs convinced us.”

Timo Saarelainen, CEO of Green Fuel Nordic Oy

Biomass refinery’s biomass handling system

The project included material reception, screening, sorting, storing, and feeding systems. As a full scope solution, the delivery also included equipment erection and commissioning, electrification, and automation management together with three years’ service agreement.


Bio oil refinery in Lieksa at night.

Material handling system for biomass

Customized material handling system had to be able to process and sort various kinds of biomaterials. The bio-refinery utilizes mainly sawdust from the local sawmill as a raw material, but also for example tree crowns. These materials would be considered as waste, but now being used as a valuable material with zero carbon footprint.

“Laitex’s strategic mission is to keep the customer’s development flow swift and to promote a cleaner future. Lieksa’s bio-oil refinery fully fulfilled both goals.”, says CEO of Laitex Oy Lasse Kurronen.

Bio oil refinery with green silo at night.
Conveyor system going upwards.

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Mode of a bio-oil refinery with blue fuel handling system.


Biorefinery produces sustainable fuels, power, and value-added chemicals from versatile biomass. Laitex has participated in the development of biomass handling technology to enable the most efficient use of new material forms.
Fuel yard model in blue.

Fuel yard

At fuel receiving, the raw material begins the process towards its conversion into energy. Laitex's full scope solutions for fuel handling give the keys for successful power plant operations.