Activated carbon plant with material handling equipment in blue.

Activated carbon plant equipment

Ilomantsi, Finland



  • Year of delivery: 2020
  • Plant: Active carbon facility
  • Material: Activated carbon


  • Activated carbon cooling and transportation system
  • Storage arrangement
  • Silo unloading

Ilomantsi overview

Activated carbon plant in Ilomantsi will enable the production of 5,000 tonnes of activated carbon. Vapo’s new plant is a part of a strategically significant project to meet the growing international demand of activated carbon. Laitex delivered equipment after the combustion process; feeding hoppers to furnace, cooling screws and conveyors to storage silos as well as the silo unloading equipment to big bags.

Conveying activated carbon from furnace to silos

Laitex’s solution began with receiving and cooling activated carbon after combustion process. The activated carbon is cooled with a cooling screw from 650 degrees to 60 degrees. The cooled activated carbon is conveyed into four silos, from where it is unloaded into big bags by Laitex’s rotary feeders.

Activated carbon is sensitive and very explosive material that was considered carefully when designing equipment for the plant. Laitex designed activated carbon equipment to withstand extreme conditions. The risk of explosion while conveying sensitive material was minimized by proportioning the size and speed of the equipment to the requirements of the activated carbon.


Four silos on top of activated carbon plant roof.

Material handling for sustainable solutions

Laitex is committed to build solutions for even the most demanding projects and developing customers’ business. Enabling ability to provide solutions to support sustainable world and circular economy is one of our most important values.

“We are committed to build solutions for even the most demanding projects and are constantly striving to develop our customers’ business. Ilomantsi plant is a good sign of their courage to open up new markets, and we at Laitex help meet new goals.” says Lasse Kurronen, CEO at Laitex.

Grey bucket elevator and orange railings.
Rotary feeder for activated carbon and unloading it to big bags.

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