Three blue cake dischargers with twin screw mixers in grey plant model.

Cake Dischargers and Twin screw mixers

Zabaikalye Region, Russia



  • Year of delivery: 2020
  • Plant: Copper concentrator plant – 130 000 tons of copper as high-grade sulfide concentrate / year
  • Material: Copper concentrate


  • 3 x Cake Discharge Conveyors
  • 3 x Twin Screw Mixers

Zabaikalye Region overview

Cake Dischargers with robust Twin Screw Mixers give the new copper concentrator in Zabaikalye Region, Russia operational reliability for almost year-round use. The plant produces 130,000 tons of copper concentrate per year, which will be handled efficiently with minimal material spillage.

Laitex delivered the plant three 27.5-meter heavy-duty Cake Dischargers followed by Twin Screw Mixers. The designed operating capacity is a total of 660 tons of copper concentrate per hour.

Cake discharging and handling

The large volume and demanding conditions of concentrator plants require heavy-duty equipment with low maintenance need. The copper concentrator operates almost constantly and therefore the project emphasized the high utilization rate of Cake Dischargers and Twin Screw Mixers.

In the material handling process, the cake is discharged onto the conveyor and fed to the mixer. Twin Screw Mixer mixes the filter cake with liquid into a homogeneous mixture and prepares it suitable for the next process steps.

Tailor-made solution for the concentrator

The solution was carefully tailored to meet the requirements of the concentrator plant. Due to the long and professional knowledge of material handling equipment in metals, minerals and mining industry, it’s possible to implement new types of solutions flexibly.

Yellow belt conveyor with plant condition monitoring equipment.

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