3d model for slag conveying.

Advanced design of conveying systems minimize material spillage and maintain a steady flow through the conveying in metals refinery.

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Material handling at a metal refinery

Material handling systems for metals refining considers concentrate and additive receiving, storing, dosing and mixing and further conveying to next process step. Typically after pyro or hydro process refined product and by products are conveyed to storage before loading to transportation unit.

Laitex’s material handling systems for metals refining

Laitex designs and manufactures efficient bulk material handling systems for metals refining processes. Our robust solutions ensures that refinery’s flow remains constant and precise.

Material receiving and making the proposed mix

Reception, loading, and storage solutions are designed according to the means of transport, space, different materials, and quantity of the imported material. We’ve tailored variety of reception solutions from trucks to ships. Large and durable belt conveyors are applicable to this part of the process due to their wide handling capacity and accuracy.

From the storage, the material is conveyed to day bins and silos where requested mix is prepared. Laitex’s technological development has manufactured high-precision feeding and dosing equipment for this part of the process.

Material handling systems after pyro and hydro processing

Hydroprocessing and smelting produces conveyable bulk materials like crystallized or granulated end products, slag and waste heat boiler dust. Cooling, crushing and lump breaking is often required.

Laitex’s conveying and loading equipment for pure material enables an even and controlled material flow with high loading and dosing reliability. Communication between weighing and loading ensures proper operation of the system. Advanced design minimizes material spillage and maintain a steady flow through the conveying.

Specialized material handling

Throughout our long history, we have developed advanced technology that enables accurate and efficient material handling. Laitex offers unparalleled flexibility and professionalism in terms of tailored material handling solutions. Above all, long experience and knowledge of different bulk materials are however behind every robust system we supply.