Model from bulk material handling system in oil shale processing energy plant.

Oil shale processing upgraded

Ida-Virumaa, Estonia



  • Year of delivery: 2021-2024
  • Plant: Shale oil 240 000 tpa
  • Material: Oil shale


  • EPS
  • Process Equipment for oil shale processing
  • Subsystems: Fogging systems
  • EIA: Turnkey process EIA
  • Installation and commissioning supervision

Ida-Virumaa overview

A Laitex customer upgrades its oil shale preparation plant in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia. Laitex delivers technology and provides process automation for the plant’s oil shale preparation expansion.

“We are responsible for the delivery and commissioning of the new oil shale preparation equipment. Our technology ensures uniform raw material quality and thus a more reliable operation for the whole plant“, explains Timo Kupsanen responsible for project sales and customer relations at Laitex.

Preparation equipment for maximum utilization of oil shale

Stable quality in pretreated oil shale is crucial for plant efficiency: too fine raw material will go up in smoke, and too large particles cause process issues.

“Laitex material handling equipment is designed to prevent clogging or excess wearing removing unplanned maintenance needs, and making sure raw material utilization rate and plant output are maximized”, Kupsanen says.



Model of oil shale processing plant with bulk material handling equipment in blue.


During the expansion and construction, the old process automation solutions are improved, feeding systems updated and extended into a third line. The old plant is kept in continuous operation throughout the renewal.

Laitex responsibilities are in process engineering, site supervision and maintaining the operability of the plant throughout the two-year construction and commissioning phase.

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