Rotary valve repair is made in Laitex workshop.
Conveyor renovations


Refurbishments on- and off-site

Green values drive the refurbishing of the machinery. Target is to recover assets’ performance and condition to original level without new investments. The service applies to original Laitex equipment, but also equipment of selected brands.

Refurbishment services are usually done at individual equipment level. Some equipment can be refurbished on site, but certain equipment is often sent to Laitex’s workshop for refurbishment.

Refurbishment by Laitex

Refurbishing old equipment is planned and scheduled together with the customer. It is agreed which equipment will be sent to Laitex’s workshop for refurbishment and which can be refurbished on-site. After inspection and cleaning, the scope of maintenance is determined. Equipment refurbished at Laitex workshop will be tested prior to supply.

Typically wear components are replaced with new ones, worn components are rewelded and machined and structural parts are cover painted. The end result reminds like a new one.


Full services.

Local and global performance

On-site refurbishment services can be provided entirely to local plants in Finland. Laitex’s highly skilled service team is ready to complete the refurbishment process from start to finish. However, our scope of operation is constantly expanding.

Globally we offer work management on-site and off-site refurbishments. Thus, projects are carried out with the same efficiency worldwide, but the team is local.

At your service right from the start

Other services for conveyor systems

To maximize operational reliability and equipment lifetime, we are at your service throughout your plant service life:
Laitex employee refurbishing material handling equipment.

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