ESP equipment inside a pulp mill in OKI, Indonesia.

ESP equipment with scraper conveyors

OKI, Indonesia



  • Year of delivery: 2015 & expansion in 2021
  • Plant: OKI Indonesia pulp and paper plant
  • Material: Recovery boiler ESP dust


  • 5 + 1 x Scraper conveyor
  • 5 + 1 x ESP equipment

OKI overview

Laitex supplied ESP equipment and scraper conveyors to one of the world’s largest mills in OKI, Indonesia for air quality control. The plant’s recovery boiler is operating at around 12 000 tons of black liquor dry solids per day, being able to supply at the level of thought electricity for a city with over million inhabitants. Plant’s recovery boiler is one of the biggest in the world.

Due to the large size of the recovery boiler, the processing capacity of the ESP equipment must also be big. Laitex’s delivery included five ESP equipment with scraper conveyors in 2015. During expansion in 2021, Laitex supplied another similar equipment for the 6th ESP unit.

Efficient air quality control

The plant needed a solid solution to meet environmental requirements and reduce air pollution caused by ESP dust. Laitex provided robust ESP equipment including scraper conveyors, which were a suitable solution for such a large-scale project.

Dust discharge equipement such as scraper conveyors are located at the bottom of each Electrostatic precipitator. Their main function is to collect the ESP dust produced by the recovery boiler so that only water vapor is released into the air. Scraper conveyors collect dust adhering to the ESP equipment, after which the dust is transported on for recycling.

The system is the last device to filter the steam before the atmosphere. Its proper operation and ease of maintenance are important to keep plant emissions low.

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Laitex's esp equipment in 3d model

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Blue ash conveyors for recovery boiler.

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