Activated carbon plant model with activated carbon equipment by Laitex.

Activated carbon is a useful absorbent in many applications due to its ability to hold chemicals inside it. It’s very cost effective in treating large volumes of air or water to remove dilute contaminants.

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Activated carbon plant equipment

Activated carbon plant utilizes for example peat, wood, and coal in creating activated carbon. The growing international demand for activated carbon drives the need for activated carbon plants. Laitex has designed equipment suitable for conveying and handling activated carbon efficiently.

Activated carbon production

Carbonization and activation are the main processes that produce activated carbon. The process of producing activated carbon is done through thermal or chemical activation, depending on the material. Activated carbon is produced by exposing high carbon-based materials to extreme heat in a process called pyrolysis. It’s produced in an activated carbon furnace where it reaches a temperature of up to 650 degrees.

Solutions for activated carbon equipment

Laitex offers material handling solutions for the entire activated carbon plant, from receiving to storing and unloading.

Activated carbon is sensitive and very explosive material which is to be considered during engineering of the equipment. After the furnace, equipment are exposed to high temperatures. Laitex has designed its activated carbon equipment to withstand extreme conditions and handle the material without breaking the material structure and increasing the risk of explosion.

Part of the green revolution

One of Laitex’s value is its ability to provide solutions to support a sustainable world and circular economy. The benefits of activated carbon are global, and we want to be involved in leading the development work. With decades of experience, innovative product R&D and flexible attitude, we’ve developed equipment to handle activated carbon safely, efficiently and with increasing volume.