Big white stocker discharger and an engineers.

Storage dischargers

Storage Dischargers are specifically designed for cost-effective handling of biomass. For a reliable choice in solid fuel handling systems, Laitex Storage Dischargers are applicable to many different storages depending on capacity, bulk material, and type of storage. Our Storage Dischargers are customizable, robust, and easy to maintain.

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Specifications for typical applications
Storage capacity40 … 700m3
InstallationAt ground level or in a concrete bunker below ground level.
Construction details
Construction materials in Chain dischargerCarbon-, stainless- steels. Plywood, wear plastic or stainless-steel deck. Other materials on request.
Construction materials in Stoker dischargerCarbon steel and concrete
Conveying element in Chain dischargerDouble dual chain. (According to norm DIN 8167). Application specific scraper design.
Conveying element Stoker dischargerCarbon steel ladders, carbon steel slide rails.
Drive unitChain discharger: Planetary gear + motor or Hydraulic. Stoker discharger: Hydraulic.
SafetyGuards and protective devices according to SFS-EN 618.
Other options are available on request
ATEX directive (2014/34/EU)
All Laitex devices can be equipped to fulfil the requirements of ATEX Equipment group II in categories 2 G, D and 3 G, D (suitable for ATEX zones 1, 2, 21 and 22).
All Laitex equipment conform to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and are therefore acceptable for CE-marking.

Laitex's storage dischargers

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Characteristic Benefits

  • Large capacity range.
  • Reliable and customizable construction.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost.
  • Using multiple storage blocks enables mixing of various materials simultaneously.
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Bulk materials

  • Woodchips, bark, sawdust, peat
  • Agricultural materials
  • Other materials as requested

Chain Discharger

Laitex fuel receiving station with Chain Dischargers is a reliable choice for solid fuels. The design of a receiving station with Chain Dischargers ensures efficient truck unloading. In order to achieve the required storage capacity, several standard units can be installed side by side.

Due to its structure, the receiving station will empty completely during the material discharge. Storage volume depends on the conveyor length and the number of dischargers.

Stoker Discharger

Stoker Dischargers can be implemented in various dimensions by installing several standard units side by side for the required storage capacity. Several discharger sections for different fuel components also enables the generation of desired fuel mixes by discharging materials from several sections simultaneously.

Stoker Dischargers are usually hydraulically operated and installed on a concrete foundation. Available accessories include a blockage sensor and shredder or levelling rollers.

Moving floor

The horizontal unloading system of the Moving Floor allows handling of nearly any bulk material. The moving floor can be set up on concrete either on ground level or in a pit. The fully automated and self-unloading Moving Floor is a cost-effective fuel receiving solution. It has a simple and easy-to-clean sealed structure, which empties the storage with high accuracy.

Product list

Storage discharges includes products that can be tailored according to the customer's need.
Big chain discharger and transparent truck.

Chain Discharger

White screw storage discharger and an engineer.

Screw Discharger

White sliding frame discharger for silo discharging.

Sliding Frame Discharger

Big white stocker discharger and an engineers.

Stoker Discharger

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