3d power plant with fly ash handling system

Fuel feeding systems are the key for successful power production. With proper solution plant operates functionally and efficiently.

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Fuel feeding systems

The fuel feeding system is a critical part of the whole process for boiler operation and energy production. A steady flow of fuel makes it easier to control the combustion process. There are many types of fuel feeding systems depending on the size and type of a power plant. The size and capacity of the system vary according to the amount of needed feeding points and storage capacity.

The most typical fuel supply solution includes a day silo, from which the material is unloaded with a silo discharger onto the conveyor, which conveys the material to an intermediate bin. A conveyor is typically a screw conveyor or chain conveyor, depending on the layout. At the bottom of the intermediate bin are the screw dischargers that convey the required capacity into the boiler. The fuel feeding system has also rotary feeders preventing boiler flue gases and flames from entering the fuel stream.

Fuel feeding systems form Laitex

Laitex delivers fuel feeding systems globally for various material handling needs. We specialize in handling challenging materials and create increasingly solutions to promote the circular economy. Full scope solutions for the whole process ensures high reliability of the system.

Fuel and boiler feeding system

Fuel feeding equipment are part of Laitex’s core solutions. Long experience and knowledge of different fuels makes our solutions effective to combine with almost any type of boilers, such as fluidized bed boilers. The type of fuel feeding system depends on the type and size of a power plant.

Laitex’s systems are always made according to the boiler’s needs. The design of our solutions considers the number of feeding points, the uniformity of the fuel feed and boiler type and size. The material used as fuel also affects the choice of equipment in the feeding system.

Laitex’s solutions for fuel feeding systems enables accurate and steady dosing to the boiler.


Behind a silo discharger and a screw conveyor in high angle.
Grey chain conveyor feeding biomass in to the process.

Fuel feeding at its best

Laitex’s solutions for fuel feeding systems have been optimized over the decades. They are designed with a long-life cycle, high availability, and low maintenance cost. However, long experience and knowledge of different fuels is behind every robust equipment we supply.

Laitex's gray fuel feeding equipment in use.