Fuel yard model in blue.

A well-functioning fuel yard is the bedrock of the power plant. Laitex's full scope solutions give the keys for successful power plant operations.


Fuel handling systems in fuel yard

Laitex’s fuel handling solutions for fuel yard includes fuel receiving, screening, crushing, storing, and reclaiming.

At fuel receiving, the raw material, that hasn’t yet been processed in any way, begins the process towards its conversion into energy. At the reception of the material, the fuel is screened. In screening, unnecessary materials such as metals are removed from the material and oversized material pieces are crushed.

The screening process results in a homogeneous fuel that is easy to handle further. Before feeding to the boiler, the particle size of the material must be of a certain size and uniform. This allows the material to burn quickly and vigorously. Finally, the screened and crushed material is transported to storage silos or day silos, from where it continues its journey to fuel feeding and towards the boiler.

Laitex’s solutions for biomass handling

Laitex delivers solutions globally for every part of the fuel yard. Full scope solutions for the whole process ensures high reliability of the system.
Fuel handling area located in Turku energia power plant.

Biomass receiving

Laitex Oy has delivered material receiving systems worldwide for decades. The selection of the most appropriate material receiving system is based on the type of raw material and unloading method. Laitex offers multiple types of material receiving systems, but most typical are chain dischargers, stoker dischargers and screw bottom dischargers.

Screening and crushing of biomass

Screening and crushing of biomass ensure the right fuel particle size for the boiler. The size of a screening station is dependent on the capacity of the material flow. Complete screening station can be located inside or outside. Enclosed design makes sure that the station is dust tight and safe for operators to use. ATEX requirements are considered in all our projects.

Laitex’s standard screening station includes efficient metal separation, screening of raw material to correct particle size and crushing of oversized particles. If samples are needed, our cost-efficient automatic sampling system can take representative samples from the material flow before the sieving.

Laitex’s solutions are suitable for different types of boilers, and they are always designed according to the fuel feeding system requirements. These solutions are suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous separation. Our scalable design enables to handle wide range of capacities.

Biomass storing and reclaiming

Receiving station can be either fast or slow type. With fast type discharger, the storage is usually done using silos and with slow type discharger, the discharger is also a material storage. In addition to material handling equipment, Laitex’s deliveries can also include silos as they are part of the fuel yard.

Red conveyor feeding biomass into day silo.

Full scope solutions

In full scope solutions, Laitex takes care of the entire process for the customer scope definition, engineering, automation, electrification, manufacturing, installation, commissioning including site related support, personnel training and after sales services. Full scope delivery ensures that the system works seamlessly.

Lifecycle and maintenance demands are an important part of early phases of engineering and design. This enables us to provide reliable and energy efficient solutions which are always in the core of our full scope solutions among with risk management.

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