3d sludge treatment plant woth blue sludge conveyors.

Sludge handling system

Taurus, Uruguay



  • Year of delivery: 2021
  • Plant: Wastewater treatment plant
  • Material: Dry sludge, high phosphorus content


Taurus overview

Sludge treatment equipment were delivered to pulp mill’s wastewater treatment plant in Taurus, Uruguay. The scope of supply included sludge handling system for dry sludge with high phosphorus content.

The new pulp mill will utilize new technology in its wastewater treatment plant to promote the circular economy in its future operations. In Laitex’s supply, this meant enabling the recycling and reusing of sludge produced by the plant in its various processes.

Laitex’s solution for sludge handling

The sludge handling system transports and loads solid phosphorus-containing sludge to trucks in three parts of the wastewater treatment plant. The solution includes 12 Screw conveyors and 2 Belt conveyors that enable effective sludge recycling. Screw conveyors collect sludge from several different locations onto belt conveyors which load the trucks.

The project is a demonstration of how Laitex’s individual devices adapt to creating a complete system.

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