Model for power plant with blue fuel and ash handling system of chicken litter.

Solution for chicken litter power plant

Bolu, Turkey



  • Year of delivery: 2021
  • Plant: 99 MWth
  • Fuel: Chicken litter biomass


  • Fuel receiving bunkers
  • Screening and metal separation
  • Fuel conveying to boiler silo
  • Bottom and fly ash handling

Chicken litter biomass to power

Chicken litter powered power plant in Bolu, Turkey, provides 35 MWe of green energy for the surrounding city. Laitex supply included complete fuel and ash handling system. Laitex helped the end customer with its material handling solutions to achieve cleaner air, prevent water and soil contamination and provide income from previously seen waste products.

In Turkey over 100 000 homes get energy from chicken litter. This plant reduces CO2 emissions by 200 000 tonnes a year compared to coal-based electricity.

Chicken litter as a fuel?

Laitex sees great potential in using agricultural waste in power plants.

Chicken litter is causing many environmental issues in Turkey. Turkish authorities are concerned about uncontrollable disposing of chicken litter biomass, increased use of fertilizers, virus and bacteria-based diseases and contamination of water and soil. Chicken is the most important source of protein in Turkey. The demand for meat and its production is increasing. After the growing period in bird raising sheds, the feces that are mixed with wood chips and rice husks are conveyed to the new plant as a fuel.



Fuel handling system for chicken litter

Fuel handling conveyor systems were delivered by Laitex to the power plant. Chicken manure comes to the bunker, where it is dosed with a screw conveyor and dropped to a belt conveyor. Then it goes through screening where metals are removed with magnets and rocks and plastics are removed. Next it’s transferred with belt– and screw conveyors to the boiler building’s day silo.

Biomass handling expertise from Laitex

Chicken manure is a difficult material to handle, since its corrosive and small rocks that come with the raw materials wear the machines. Laitex specializes in challenging solutions that may require some modifications to get the best results. This was a project that required special expertise in both equipment and materials.

Power plant and it's belt conveyors-

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Fuel yard model in blue.

Fuel yard

At fuel receiving, the raw material begins the process towards its conversion into energy. Laitex's full scope solutions for fuel handling give the keys for successful power plant operations.
3d model from bottom ash handling system.

Bottom Ash Handling & Sand Recycling

Bottom ash handling refers to the process of removing and processing ash, slag, sand, and non-combustible particles from the bottom of a boiler to containers or a bunker. Our well-planned solutions increase efficiency and production capabilities of the plant's operations.