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Embracing the Potential: Summer Jobs at Laitex

Embracing the Potential: Meet Our Summer Trainees 2023

A summer internship at Laitex presents an array of exciting possibilities, including the chance to learn new skills, gain valuable work experience, and be part of a rapidly growing company.

We are delighted to introduce the exceptional group of individuals who joined our team as summer trainees. A group of summer trainees, comprising individuals who joined Laitex to have summer experience for the third time, the second time, and the first time. This infusion of talent from various stages of their academic journey brings forth a dynamic blend of experience, enthusiasm, and potential, poised to make a lasting impact on our company.

Meet our summer trainees. We are thrilled to have them all on board.

Third-Year Trainee: Toni Mikkonen, advanced from summer job to mechanical engineering

Toni Mikkonen demonstrates strong academic background, exceptional skills in mechanical engineering, and a commitment to excellence.

Read Toni’s career story here.

Second-Year Trainees: Juho Kauppi and Eeli Väisänen:

With a passion and a drive for continuous learning, Juho Kauppi and Eeli Väisänen are ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

First-Year Trainees: Niklas Temonen, Jere Jokimies, Eino Hämäläinen ja Sonja Pellikka

Our first-year trainees are to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and hands-on experience within our organization.

These summer trainees will have the privilege of working closely with our experienced professionals, gaining practical knowledge, and contributing to ongoing projects. We are committed to providing them with mentorship, guidance, and a supportive environment that encourages their personal and professional development. In Laitex we do believe in fostering a culture of teamwork and innovation, and we are confident that their contributions will further enrich our dynamic team.

We extend a warm welcome to our summer trainees and express our gratitude to them for choosing to be a part of Laitex. Together, we will embark on a great journey that will not only benefit their careers but also make a positive impact on our collective success.

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