Konetekniikan opiskelija kokoamassa hihnakuljetinta.

As a summer trainee at Laitex’s assembly department

Every year, Laitex offers summer jobs for the mechanical engineering students of the local LUT University. Summer job in the assembly department familiarizes students with material handling equipment and their design on a practical level. First- and second-year mechanical engineering students Eeli and Juho started their summer job at the end of May. How has the work been going after a month?

Application process and starting

According to Eeli and Juho, the application process was easy and smooth. “The call about the interview and the decision considering selection came really quickly and early”, says Eeli. Summer employees are typically selected based on an application and one interview.

Eeli and Juho had no previous experience in assembly. However, with the help of wide orientation, they get more independent workers every day. Two Laitex employees have participated in the orientation; Teemu and Tatu, who guide and help with work tasks. “The orientation has been good and once the work started we quickly got to the point. First we assembled the body of rotary feeders”, Juho describes.

Work in the assembly department

“The versatility of the work keeps things interesting and we always learn something new. In the assembly workshop, we mainly assembly and machine equipment and their parts. We also get to participate in test drives and learn about electrification. In addition, forklifts and wheel loaders have become familiar”, describes Eeli. According to the summer workers, the work has corresponded well to what it was supposed to be.

“There has been a lot of theory and we have almost constantly engineering drawings in hand”, says Juho. Our summer trainees feel that they haven’t been pressured by production and co-workers, but have been able to work in peace and focus on quality instead of speed. Breaks are also well respected.

“The best first-year engineering jobs.”

Eeli and Juho believe that this summer job clearly helps in their studies, and on the other hand, their studies have also helped them to cope with their work tasks. Both feel that they could continue at Laitex alongside their studies and next summer in the engineering department. This summer’s assembly work will help a lot in the design of material handling equipment.

“We can recommend this summer job for all mechanical engineering students who want to learn to understand designed equipment on a practical level.”

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