Sludge incineration plant in Rovaniemi.


Plant in Gueandenloupe and a fuel feeding system in blue.

Power plant will modernize its fuel feeding system from coal to pellets and reduce emissions

The French-administered island of Guadeloupe has an Albioma owned Le Moule power plant, one of the longest-running power plants on the island. The plant has been in operation since 1998. It generates 31% of the island state’s electricity and utilizes locally produced, renewable energy sources. Laitex has modernized the power plant’s fuel feeding system from coal to biomass pellets and commissioning is imminent.

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Welder welding a conveyor.

Laitex invests in quality

Certificates are an important part of operations in today’s business. They are as a development tool for the company, but also as an indication to customers that the company operates in accordance with internationally agreed rules.

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3D model of a power plant and fual yeard in blue.

Laitex Equipment will be part of the world largest biomass plant

“PHB Weserhütte S.A.U.” is currently developing the biomass handling system for the Tees Renewable Energy Plant Project, located in Teesside, United Kingdom, for the consortium Técnicas Reunidas (TR) & Samsung C&T. Costing £650m to build, the Tees Renewable Energy Plant will be the largest dedicated biomass power plant in the world and is the largest thermal-combustion power plant under construction in the UK today.

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