Model from a factory in Rovaniemi.

Laitex equipment part of a new sludge processing test plant

Laitex delivered equipment to Endev’s new project. Endev is making their first PAKU process delivery at Rovaniemi to handle sludge from the city wastewater treatment plant.

The aim is to utilize the nutrients of the sludge by making cheap and safe recycled fertilizers and producing district heat as a by-product. The benefits of the process are that microplastic or other harmful substances do not pass to the crop with the fertilizers.

Laitex was responsible for the mechanical conveying system between Endev’s dryer and reactor. Drying of the sludge is done with hot sand which is recycled in the system.

Inside a wastewater treatment plant.

The conveying system Laitex delivered can be presented in three phases: Sand feeding to the reactor, Hot sand feeding to dryer and recycling and Sludge-sand mixture feeding to the reactor. The scope also included installation.

Laitex and Endev have a great opportunity to face the challenge together as this first commercial delivery test plant is an example of a circular economy.

Endev is a pioneering cleantech company established in 2011. The company’s headquarters is in Pyhtää, Finland. The Endev team has over 100 years of combined experience and knowhow in thermal process development and innovative drying and combustion solutions for the energy and environmental sectors. Endev’s complete PAKU process is developed for efficient and cost-effective renewable energy production and nutrient recycling from wet biomass.