Myyntipäällikkö Oskar Tjeder ja kaksi punaista kolakuljetin.

Recovery and fluidized bed boiler expert to strengthen Laitex team

Laitex has strengthened its sales team with an expert joining the company after making a career in the pulp and paper industry and power plants. As sales manager Oskar Tjeder is responsible for both new equipment and project sales as well as modernization and service sales. “Oskar has a strong industry and market background through various international assignments both in project and service business. He also has a good contact base and solid relationships to the Swedish market”, says Laitex’ Head of Sales Timo Kupsanen.

Project sales and modernisations reinforced through customer perspective

In the past 15 years, Tjeder has gained extensive experience in recovery and fluidized bed boiler projects, both of which constitute a significant part to Laitex’ business. “Oskar brings valuable insight to our team straight from our customers’ perspective”, Kupsanen continues.
Previously, Tjeder worked at Andritz and Foster Wheeler (curr. Sumitomo). He started by working in power plant projects as project engineer and manager, and then moved onto sales engineer and manager positions for recovery boiler upgrade and modernization business. For the past 3 years he lead project sales in Sweden.
“The pulp and paper industry has always been an inviting environment for me to work in. I familiarised myself with Laitex and their conveyors when I was managing recovery and fluidized bed boiler upgrade projects”, Tjeder says.

As sales manager Tjeder wants to influence Laitex’ success

The decision to apply for the open sales manager job at Laitex was easy to make for Tjeder. “A Finnish family business where you can work quite freely, the work is versatile – and at the same time you get to take responsibility for your own work. I didn’t have to think twice about sending in an application”, he says.
In his role as customer, Tjeder saw Laitex as an underdog compared to the bigger players in the market. “That’s not a bad place to be: you have to believe in yourself and play openly. In a company the size of Laitex every employee influences the success of the company significantly – you can instantly notice the impact of your work”, Tjeder explains.

The cooperation and responsibleness of Laitex team get praised

In Tjeder’s mind, the close cooperation both inside the Laitex team and with customers is the company’s most significant strength: projects are designed and finalised together while every person takes responsibility for their work. The business is not built on individuals, but genuine cooperation.
After working at large corporations, Tjeder also brings insight into different ways of doing business. “For my part, I want to challenge the current ways of working and thinking, and through that bring new drive into our teamwork”, he explains.
“We have got ourselves a really good team player in Oskar. His background and know-how support our growth strategy excellently for example in the Swedish market and in recovery and fluidized bed boiler customer projects”, says Laitex CEO Lasse Kurronen.