A man sitting next to a white conveyor.

Pneumatic conveyors to become a new product and business for Laitex

Known worldwide for their mechanical conveyors, Laitex is on the brink of starting a new business: pneumatic conveyors will become part of Laitex product portfolio this fall. “We’ve been known for our world-class mechanical conveyors for a long time, but we’ve had to rely on our partners to deliver pneumatic conveyors for our projects. Now we are developing the capabilities to supply them from under our own roof”, says Laitex CEO Lasse Kurronen.

Pneumatic conveyor business improves level of service

The main reason for expanding the product offering is the desire to improve Laitex’s level of service: when the scopes of deliveries are continuously bigger projects, handling each project better as a whole is key for improving customer service.
“We’ve always put our customer first, and want to serve them in the best possible way. Our goal is to ensure our pneumatic conveying systems are delivered with the same process and usability guarantees and spare part availabilities as our other products”, Kurronen continues.

Product development in the hands of an experienced pneumatic conveying expert

To develop the new business and product portfolio, an experienced pneumatic conveying specialist has joined Laitex. “It’s an honour to welcome an expert like Teemu Lampila to the team. He will be developing the processes and heading the business with his strong expertise”, says Kurronen.
For the past 13 years, Lampila has gained experience in pneumatic conveying systems. He started his career as assembly assistant, moved onto engineering and project manager roles and worked inter alia with purchasing and quality. For the past 5 years he was in charge of the pneumatic conveyor products and Ylöjärvi unit at Raumaster.

The eagerness to develop professionally lead to Laitex

The image of a positive, development-oriented and forward-thinking company was what attracted Lampila to Laitex. “I’ve been eyeing Laitex for a long time from a competitor’s perspective: the people here have a great attitude towards work. Here I get to tackle new types of challenges and develop myself professionally”, Lampila explains.
An agile company structure, staying close to customers and solution-oriented thinking were a match to Lampila’s own ideology. “It was easy to relate to Lasse’s thoughts about developing the new business. I cannot wait to incorporate everyone’s effort and vast knowledge about conveyor systems into developing and launching the new product family”, Lampila continues.

More extensive deliveries with in-house expertise

Through the addition of pneumatic conveyor systems, Laitex will be able to quote and deliver more extensive project deliveries using in-house expertise. “This will improve our overall efficiency and helps stay in better control of e.g. delivery times”, Lampila stresses.
The new product family will especially help improve the level of service towards power plants. “Pneumatic conveyors complement our portfolio. They will improve fly ash handling, bottom ash handling and sand recycling as well as feeding lime and sulphur or other additives”, Kurronen says.