Störa Cell's mill.

Turnkey modernization of Södra Cell’s cooling chain conveyor

Laitex modernized Södra Cell’s pulp and paper mill’s bottom ash cooling chain conveyor as a turnkey solution. The original conveyor that Laitex supplied served the mill for more than 20 years. Now, the conveyor was modernized to meet today's safety and capacity requirements.

The Södra Cell’s mill in Mönsterås, Sweden reaches a production capacity of 750 000 tons of softwood and hardwood pulp per year. The mill’s core business is pulp production, but it’s also an important producer of green electricity and bio methanol.

Effective implementation

The project was implemented as a turnkey solution. First, Laitex visited the mill to measure the conveyor, which dimensions were used to design the new conveyor for the customer. The new 29-meter-long cooling chain conveyor was designed to withstand temperatures of up to 850 degrees.


The project was implemented during a five-day annual maintenance outage, where the old conveyor was replaced with the new one. Laitex was responsible for dismantling and removing the old conveyor and installing and commissioning the new one. The installations were carried out efficiently in one shift and the whole project was completed in three days instead of five.

“The erection went well! We are really pleased with the implementation.” – Niklas Nyberg, Maintenance Engineer at Södra Cell.


Laitex’s most important goal is to guarantee customer’s continuous operations. Our service team consists of strong professionals who are familiar with the conveyors and their properties. More information and references about modernization services can be found here.