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Laitex’s Women Make It Happen, Every Single Day

Bulk Material Handling, Powered by Women: Laitex’s Secret Ingredient

In the field of bulk material handling equipment, Laitex is an example of excellence, delivering top-notch solutions ranging from equipment deliveries to comprehensive turn-key projects and lifecycle services. With International Women’s Day on the horizon, we are proud to highlight the contributions of the women in our organization. They hold positions in different departments and shape our achievements.

Women as Pillars of Strength

At Laitex we strongly believe that diversity fosters creativity and advancement. Although our workforce is predominantly male we acknowledge the role that women play in our pursuit of excellence. Their expertise covers areas that strengthen our dedication to delivering the best available solutions and surpassing customer expectations.

Challenging Stereotypes. Women Succeeding in Diverse Positions

In contrast, to beliefs female employees at Laitex thrive in roles such as welding, human resources, marketing, purchasing and procurement, engineering, services, documentation management, and quality assurance. Their diverse range of abilities and strong commitment highlight their importance as members of our team.

“In procurement, attention to detail and strategic thinking are very important. As a woman in this role, I thrive on the challenge of securing the best deals for our company while forging strong relationships with suppliers. Diversity in perspectives leads to better decision-making, and I’m honored to be a part of a team that values my contributions.”says Essi Sorjonen, Purchaser at Laitex

Diverse perspectives and innovative approaches bring richness to our workplace culture, sparking creativity and driving forward-thinking initiatives. We recognize and celebrate the unique strengths and capabilities that women bring to the table, acknowledging that their invaluable contributions are integral to our continued growth and success.

“We recognize the unique strengths and perspectives that women bring to the table, whether it’s fostering a supportive workplace culture or spearheading initiatives for professional development. At Laitex, our differences make us stronger.”says Kirsi Aapro, Administration/HR Manager

At Laitex, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all our employees, irrespective of gender, and empowering them to reach their fullest potential. As we continue to challenge stereotypes and champion diversity, we are proud to have women leading the way in redefining what success looks like in our industry.

“At Laitex, we recognize that diversity drives innovation, and I’m proud to be part of a team that embraces and celebrates our differences.”Heidi Kurronen, HR Coordinator outlines.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, we recognize the impact women have in the workplace. Laitex’s marketing showcases a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity. By implementing marketing strategies Laitex not only defines its brand but also advocates for empowering women in fields typically dominated by men. This dedication to diversity highlights the company’s belief, in embracing viewpoints and skills to foster creativity and achievement.

“I’m proud to play a role in shaping Laitex’s brand identity and driving growth.”- says Ksenia Ravattinen, Marketing and PR Manager

Join Us in Celebrating Women’s Day

This Women’s Day, let us celebrate the remarkable achievements of women worldwide and recognize their indispensable contributions across every sphere of life. At Laitex, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our women employees for their unwavering dedication, resilience, and transformative impact on our journey towards excellence in bulk material handling.

”As we commemorate this day, let us continue to champion equality, empower women, and pave the way for a future where opportunities know no bounds.”says Laura Sinkko, Board member, Owner

Embrace diversity. Empower women.

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