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Laitex has been awarded a significant contract by Circa Group

Laitex is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a contract by Circa Sustainable Chemicals France SAS. Under the terms of the agreement, Laitex will be responsible for the manufacturing, supply, installation supervision, and commissioning of woodyard storage, conveying, and drying equipment for Circa’s sustainable chemicals production facility, the ReSolute plant in North Eastern France.

The ReSolute plant will manufacture 1,200 tonnes of Circa’s sustainable solvent Cyrene™ per year, starting from the most abundant bio-based resource – sawdust – and transforming it through Circa’s proprietary Furacell™ process into Cyrene™ and other biochemicals.

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Laitex will design and manufacture specialized equipment tailored to the unique requirements of Circa’s sustainable chemicals production facility. This includes the delivery of woodyard storage units, conveying systems, and drying equipment. Laitex’s expertise in industrial equipment manufacturing ensures that the equipment will be of the highest quality and optimized for efficient operations.

Laitex will be responsible for the timely and reliable supply of the manufactured equipment to the project site. This includes coordinating logistics, ensuring the availability of necessary components and materials, and delivering the equipment in accordance with the project timeline.

Also, Laitex will provide expert supervision during the installation phase of the whole supply. Our experienced technicians and engineers will be on-site to oversee the proper installation of the equipment, ensuring adherence to industry standards and best practices.

Once the installation is complete, Laitex will actively participate in the commissioning process. We will work closely with Circa’s team to test and verify the functionality and performance of the equipment. This includes conducting rigorous testing, fine-tuning parameters, and addressing any potential issues to ensure that the equipment operates optimally.

By assuming responsibility for the whole supply, Laitex will provide a comprehensive and seamless solution for Circa. Our expertise and dedication to quality will contribute significantly to the successful implementation of Circa’s sustainable chemicals production facility.

“We are thrilled to partner with Circa on this exciting project. This collaboration allows us to showcase our capabilities in delivering end-to-end solutions and underscores our commitment to supporting sustainable development initiatives”, says Sami Koskela, Head of Project Sales at Laitex.

“Laitex is excited to contribute to Circa’s mission and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration that will advance the production of sustainable chemicals in France and beyond.” – Laitex’s CEO, Lasse Kurronen comments.

About Laitex:

Laitex is a leading provider of industrial material handling equipment and solutions, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and installation of tailored systems for various sectors, including the chemical industry. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, Laitex strives to deliver efficient and environmentally friendly solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients.

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About Circa Group:

Established in 2006, Circa Group converts sustainable, non-food biomass into advanced bio-based chemicals with its proprietary Furacell™ process. Its developing product portfolio includes flavours, biopolymers, and bio-solvents including Cyrene™. By creating renewable chemicals from cellulose, Circa is extracting value from non-food biomass and addressing a gap in the market by providing bio-based, less carbon intensive alternatives, contributing to a more circular economy.

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